This is only a test….

The other webmaster reconfigured DishNet to allow blogging apparently in addition to our individual blogs. Is that correct? I’m giving it a try.

I’m going to try a pic also. Here’s the “talking car” that we acquired yesterday:

2007 Avalon

4 thoughts on “This is only a test….”

  1. Don’t forget to choose a category for your blog on the right hand side when editing! That way we don’t get a whole heap of comments marked “uncategorized”.

  2. About the H2O: this was a pic I found on the web, not one I took here in water-starved N. Texas.

    And yes, in fact it does drive itself under certain circumstances. Kev & I just did a test run from here to the Sonic in Pottsboro and back on US 75. (Don’t take this road north, it’s badly backed up). Using the “laser cruise control” when approaching a car in the same lane going slower than the specified cruising speed, the laser in the vehicle detects this by bouncing a beam off the slower car’s reflectors and automatically backs off the speed, even applying the brakes if necessary. Neat, huh!

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