A New Direction?

PeterThe DishNet site has been dormant for months, so I thought I would turn it into a collaborative family blog and open it up for posting from any of the various Dishes. What say ye, fellow members of the clan?

2 thoughts on “A New Direction?”

  1. Uh….Ok. I’ll play along.

    Do we still have individual blogs or is this is? Either is fine by me, I’m just asking for clarification. Gracias!

    One more question: are you using my child as propaganda? Again, it’s fine by me. She IS a cutie, and I’m sure will inspire lots of visitors to our site. Si?

    Inquisition over. For now. I will try to post something in a bit.

  2. Angie, you still have your individual blog – I just made the central Dish page into a blog so that we could post things to it and that way keep it up to date. So – keep blogging on your page, but share some of that blogging goodness over on this page from time to time to keep things interesting, or to point people over to your blog…

    Yes, I did put “your child” on the banner – I can change it, but I needed to come up with something late last night when I did the changeover, and that’s what I came up with.

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