Updates Complete

Except for cosmetics, Pop, Angie and David’s pages have all moved to WordPress and new URL’s. For those of you who use newsreaders to get blog updates, you’ll have to redirect them to:

  • pop.dishmans.net or john.dishmans.net
  • angie.dishmans.net
  • david.dishmans.net

Unfortunately, I was unable to easily provide an “Updated Date” for each blog, so the dates that were once on the front page have gone away … at least for now.


If you’re interested in converting a nucleus blog to WordPress, go to david.dishmans.net. If you know how to get the date of the last update of a WP blog using PHP, let me know. Otherwise, our nice date function at the top will stop working.

Next week, I’ll “deal” with Pop and Angie’s blogs. It’s labor-intensive (although now that I’ve seen real labor, I can’t really say that…) to get a blog converted and set up. After that, it should be easy to maintain.

Images fixed

More boring computer stuff — I just fixed the images on the homepage. I had to download the sql database and do a global find and replace to convert dishmans.net/wp-admin to dishmans.net/dishnet/wp-admin. I’m basically blogging all this to make sure I can reproduce all my troubles later if I need to, or if there are more problems.

First Update

I just moved all the WordPress files for this page out of the home directory into the /dishnet/ subdirectory. This change should be transparent to all, but let me know if it breaks anything.

Update on the Update

I’ve been looking into WordPressMU — multiuser, sort of like  MT was. It looks pretty buggy, so I think we’ll just migrate each individual user’s blog to WP. The home page will remain as it is. (Did you notice that the date is now correct for Pop’s blog?)

I’ll try and provide some guidance on making photos work after I’ve migrated the blogs over and learned how to WP myself.

Possible Changes

I’m looking into upgrading the whole dishmans.net by moving to WordPress and moving the blogs as follows:

  • dishmans.net or www.dishmans.net takes you here
  • john.dishmans.net takes you to Pop’s page
  • david.dishmans.net takes you to my page
  • angie.dishmans.net takes you to her page
  • peter.dishmans.net could forward you to peter’s page.

What do you think?

This will likely result in some intermittent “downtime” over the next few days, depending on how much attention Leif requires. I’ll try and give fair warning when I can.

Happy Birthday Kathy

Wow! November is a big month for family member birthdays. Lydia, Leif, and Kathy. Here we are at the new Olive Garden last Saturday celebrating with Kathy. More pics are posted on Pop’s page (aka “John” above).group-small.jpg).

John Leif Dishman

Was born this morning about 6:00 AM Brooklyn time. Elizabeth and the baby are doing fine. I’m sure David will be posting details on weight and height later today. Welcome, little Leif, into the family. We all can’t wait to meet you in person.


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