Possible Changes

I’m looking into upgrading the whole dishmans.net by moving to WordPress and moving the blogs as follows:

  • dishmans.net or www.dishmans.net takes you here
  • john.dishmans.net takes you to Pop’s page
  • david.dishmans.net takes you to my page
  • angie.dishmans.net takes you to her page
  • peter.dishmans.net could forward you to peter’s page.

What do you think?

This will likely result in some intermittent “downtime” over the next few days, depending on how much attention Leif requires. I’ll try and give fair warning when I can.

2 thoughts on “Possible Changes”

  1. Will we still be able to put material on the home page (dishmans.net) or will that revert back to sole control by the webmasters? The trouble I had with nucleus appears to be that the photos I thought were converted to “small” by my hp software remained large and thus too big to upload. At least I think that’s what happened. I’m working on this. I find that wordpress is not that easy to use for photos. After uploading the photo you get these terse lines on the thumbnails before dragging into the blog, and I’m not sure how to use them. Sometimes its hard to get text to line up properly with the photos. Maybe a tutorial for us wordpress users would help. Anyway, it would be nice (as Grandma used to say) if the whole site had the same tool: either wordpress or nucleus or something else.

  2. It’s easy to create subdomains like you are talking about and simply point them to the current locations of the blogs. The bigger issue would be the underlying “tool” (WP or Nucleus) and whether you would clean up the file structure so that everyone had their own WP o N folder that the subdomain pointed to.

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