Our Fifth “Child”: The Shot of the Day


By now you know that between us, Kevin and I have four sons: David, Mark, Peter and Tylin. Did you know that we also have a little girl? Her name is Callie, and even though she’s not human, she’s starting to command as much attention as any 8 month old! Yesterday, I became acutely aware of that when Kevin called me and said she couldn’t make it to the vet in time to pick Callie up after her “dental appointment”. Did you know that February is national canine dental month? I didn’t know that either, until I got the bill for Callie’s cleaning and extraction. It was more than what I pay for mine! The shock came when I saw her name on the vet’s records. In bold, capitalized letters: CALLIE DISHMAN. I always raised my eyebrows when David called his dog “Marley Dishman”. Now I understand why. It’s a conspiracy by veterinarians to get you to give them all the loving you would a real person, including full medical AND dental services.

For 5 days now we’ve treated our little girl with twice-a-day ear treatments for the infection the vet says she has. Each treatment requires two shots of juice into each ear: a pre-treatment followed 30 minutes later with ear drop medicine. She hates this, and you can guess WHOM she hates the most as a result. I get to be the bad guy shooting the juice into each ear. It’s a real struggle, and I often end up getting more pre-treatment bad smelling stuff on me than on her. So when I picked Callie up yesterday, to my amazement the technician applied the hated drops in front of me without even a whimper by the patient. Sigh…. I guess I will never be the dog whisperer that Cesar Millan is.

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