Congratulations Susie! The Shot of the Day.


She did it! Susanna successfully said her memory verses to the TNPC Sunday School testers and received her ribbon. Here she is proudly displaying it for the camera while pausing briefly from walking her favorite canine creature, who is peering from behind a safe distance from the feared cameraman. Congratulations sweetheart! Grandpop was proud to have been a small part of your success. (For another great shot of our talented granddaughter, see Pop’s page.)

Our Newest Covenant Child: The Shot of the Day

Last weekend Mark & I journeyed by air to the Big Apple to join David & Elizabeth as they baptized John Leif Dishman. The event itself was caught on videotape by yours truly, joining the archive of baptisms of Susanna, Lydia and Luke–who by the way really enjoy replaying their own baptisms whenever they visit Grandpop. Here’s a frame of the videotape at the moment of the big event:


The baptism was performed by Pastor Walter Hennegar, D&E’s dear friend and former pastor from Atlanta’s ChristChurch PCA. From the background of this photo you can see that this PCA church plant in Brooklyn uses the facility of an old Lutheran Church (St. Paul’s) which on this day was quite chilly inside. Somehow, no one thought of warming the baptismal font’s water supply, so poor Johnny Leif was sprinkled with a bracing dose of cold water, and not just once. Walter applied water 3 times: “in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” Not surprisingly, Leif, who had been quite cheerful until this point, decided to express his loud objection to what had just been done to him. So was fulfilled the theologian Meredith Kline’s portrayal of baptism as a “symbolic water ordeal” (see By Oath Consigned, p. 55 ff).