Happy Birthday!!

This past Sunday afternoon, we had a little family birthday party for the small contingent of celebrants with a birthday soon. And “soon” in this case would be today. Today is John’s birthday. It is also Tori’s. So “Happy Birthday!” to you both today!

Here are the 3 May party animals together…


So You Say It’s Your Birthday

Yes, friends, this begins our summer birthday bonanza….

Three years ago today, I met this little fellow face-to-face for the first time and he has been cracking me up every day since then. Happy Birthday, Luke! Don’cha just want to grab his little cheeks and kiss him? No? Maybe it’s just me, then….

Stay tuned for more birthday fun in the coming weeks!!

Congratulations Lydia! The Shot of the Day…

This week winds up Lydia’s days at GEM Express, the pre-school she has been attending for several years. Last Friday, Lydia “graduated” from the school, complete with cap and gown. Here she is posing with her parents and brother. immediately after graduation.  (Susanna was busy attending her own school.) Congratulations to our rising Kindergartner!