In Loving Memory

This week marks the 4th anniversary of Susan’s last week on earth. Flowers in her memory and that of “Grandma Tex” aka Nelle, were on display during the worship at Town North last Sunday. Here Susanna and Lydia pose with the flowers in remembrance of their “Nana,” and their great-grandmother. The yellow and purple flowers were favorites of Nelle & Susan, as they are with the two girls.

“Laughter” is Born

Rejoice with us as our (extended) family grew by one last night. Isaac Davis Brunone was born to Andrew and Jamison at 7:44pm weighing 7 pounds and 12 oz. For more details and to congratulate this sweetly growing family, see their webpage.
He’s so cute, even when he looks angry!

Time For A Change

A picture change, to be more specific. Not that I don’t like seeing continuous Birthday Party Animals, but this webpage needs a little freshening up, yes?
Summer flowers are a nice, tame subject:


Yes, Angie likes yellow.