Mark’s Surgery

We’ll be updating this page with status reports throughout the day as Mark’s wrist surgery progresses. He was in good spirits as they wheeled him into the OR around 11:30 AM CDT. Angie has trillions of pics, but her chip won’t fit into this laptop, so they’ll have to await posting later on. They show the nurse sawing off the blue cast, but fortunately not Mark’s arm. How the saw knows not to do this is a mystery at present. More later….

Bulletin: 1:35 PM. The surgeon, Dr. Purcell Smith, just stopped by to tell us that the operation went “extremely well.” He then proceeded to show us a series of before & after X-rays that Angie seemed to follow, but were a bit too abstruse for me. The bottom line is that Mark now has 2 plates, 10 screws & 1 pin in his right wrist making everything “as good as new”. However, the boy has to refrain from stress on his hand for several months. Light stress such as brushing his teeth is OK, but not biking for quite a while. He will spend the next week recovering with a special ice pump on his arm and watching reruns of the bionic man!

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  1. Aww, man! Well, way to go Markie on probably the most extensive Dishman injury to date…am I wrong? I mean broken noses and cheekbones are one thing, but plates, screws AND pins??? That’s impressive. We’ll be praying for you and the whole family. Love you guys.

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