Happy Birthday, Mark! And Happy (albeit late!) Birthday, Elizabeth!

Today is the first day of the rest of Mark’s life. He has now officially reached his mid-30s (as he once told me when I reached the same number). It’s all downhill from here, toots!

As for Elizabeth, well, it’s another one of those late birthday things. Her birthday was last Saturday, the 9th. Ugh. Sorry, Elizabeth! I hope it was a good day for you!
Here, Elizabeth looks on as Leif plays the spoons and Mark offers you some Mexican oregano:


Happy Birthday to you both! We love you!

Congratulations Susanna!

In keeping with her Nana’s prayer, that all her descendants would be members of the covenant, Susanna became a full-fledged communicant member of our congregation Sunday. In the evening she bravely shared her testimony before a large audience and took her first communion. She was the youngest of the covenant children doing so. We are so proud of you Susanna!

Here she is in her beautiful red dress worn for Sunday morning service when she was officially introduced to the congregation.



As much as I enjoy seeing Leif’s smiling face everytime I open this page, it HAS been 3 months now. Here he is again–with not such a happy face–being comforted by his cousins as we all toured the town of Bernal in Mexico this past Christmas. Hopefully, one of us will start sharing some of the 1000+ pics that we took on this trip. Here’s number 1.  (PS: There’s also a new entry on Pop’s page….)