A Dog and Her Boy: The Shot of the Day

With due respect to C. S. Lewis’ book: The Horse and His Boy, our shot of the day is of Kevin’s dog Callie with grandson Luke. Since it was Callie’s yard they were playing in, the title seems appropriate.


What, you may ask, is the blue thing around Callie’s head? Well, up until now, Callie had to be leashed whenever she went outside because her body and head were smaller in width than the separation between the bars of the wrought iron fence surrounding the back yard. Fortunately, with Peter’s help (of which he’s unaware) I solved the problem. One of the discards from Peter’s box packing episodes during his last trip home was a piece of very light blue foam packing material. I discovered it one day while taking out the trash. Hmm, looks just right to form a so-called “E collar” (after Queen Elizabeth who wore one) for the dog. Sure enough, after cutting the appropriate sized hole in the foam, and trimming it down to the size you see here, it formed a perfect light-weight barrier for keeping Callie from squeezing through the bars. To test my theory, I had Kevin stand on one side, while I encouraged Callie to go to her from the other side. She ran with some speed to escape my menacing countenance and rushed to her beloved mistress. In past such excursions without the E collar, she had no trouble penetrating the fence. But on this trip, at a fairly high speed, she hit with a thud and bounced back into the yard on my side. She tried one more time, and then realized that this was a permanent solution. Now, we let her out unsupervised to roam as she wishes without fear of losing her. She seems content with this solution, and has become closer friends with the neighbor black Lab next door (Hershey) as a result.