Happy Birthday!!

Eight years ago today, I was sitting in a Columbus, Ohio hospital waiting to meet my firstborn child (who was to be a son, but that’s another story). Anyway, the end of that day brought us to meet and know and love our dear Susanna.


And she is not a son. Definitely not.

Happy Birthday, Susie!!

PS-This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Don’t mess with Susie.

This is Texas

And this is your brain on Texas, specifically in the springtime. And only for about 2 weeks. And then they all die (and, of course, I’m speaking about the flowers themselves. Not necessarily your brain).


So, to all you Texans out there, do your civic duty and snap those purty pictures while you can!

Sorry, but I couldn’t stand to see poor Callie in “her lifejacket” on the top of this page any longer.