Fireworks, A Bit Tardy

On the evening of Independence Day, my adventurous father-in-law and I rode our bikes to a nearby fireworks display, just the two of us.  Oh, how he impressed me!  His bicycling prowess was spectacular!  Weaving in and out of the mighty throngs of at least a ba-jillion people all there to watch the magic.  After the show, we rode back to his house in complete and utter darkness, save for a couple of teensy-tiny, itty-bitty clip-on lights (one for him, one for me).  It was a great experience, especially when, at a particularly dark point in the excursion, John said to me, “This is the exact spot last time that I saw a real, live coyote and I heard his pack in the bushes”.  You’ll be glad to know I did not scream.  Possibly because I had already passed out.  Anyway, on to the pictures…
Exhibit A (not the actual light, I stole this image from someone’s webpage and if I remembered where I got it from, I would duly note it here.  Actual size, approximately 3 inches tall):


Exhibit B–Grandpop.  (This is the actual photo of him taken by me at the actual fireworks display.):


Exhibit C, D, and E (actual fireworks):


(I like this particular shot above because it looks like something underwater…jellyfish, maybe?)


Grand Finale #1



Grand Finale #2.  (Truly, there are at least 45 fireworks pictures alone that did not “make” this posting.)
Not bad, eh?  Camera knowledge, like most things, is a process.  I’m learning!