Shot of the Day:Nerodia rhombifera

Ah, the joys of living near a creek.   As we were returning from inspecting our almost-in-bloom hydrangeas down near the creek, we almost stepped on a nerodia rhombifera aka diamond-back water snake creeping along our porch apparently wanting to come in and eat Callie’s food, or perhaps Callie herself!   Here is the shot of this non-poisonous water snake.

diamond-back-water-snake-1.JPG Here’s another view as he attempted to find his way in:

diamond-back-water-snake-2.JPG Kevin was not favorably inclined to keeping him as a pet, so I picked him up with my mini-rake and carefully took him back toward the creek.  He was a bit aggressive, hissing and opening his mouth consistent with the Wikipedia article on this species.   I laid him out on the patio in order to take one more shot, but by the time I got back, he was crawling under the asian jasmine and became completely camouflaged.   Watch out for him, Callie!