Anybody Still Around?

With the help of A Certain Brother (DAVID!!), I’m posting something today. It’s been quite awhile, but with my newly-acquired skillz, I’m hoping to get some practice and dish out the HTML/CSS/Javascript around this place. We’ll see.


Also, I’m feeling the weight of having children old enough to write their own stories and probably don’t want me blabbing their tales to the world. The other side of that is that their stories are also my stories. Such a tension! We’ll have to see what this website’s evolution brings and if I have what it takes to go the distance. Stay tuned! Also, if you are reading this, please comment if you can so I know who’s present and accounted for. Thanks!


I’ll leave you with how I’ve felt at various times while sitting in my Javascript class:


So deep.

One thought on “Anybody Still Around?”

  1. Hi Angie! I’m here! We may need to find a plugin to automatically post our blog entries to facebook / twitter / etc since nobody expects to be alive anymore. I’ll add that to my list!

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