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Fun in WordPress class

I’m sitting in my class right this very minute. The rest of this post will be my posting experiments….

Adding pictures to a post:



When I was blogging a zillion years ago, HTML was an option for including in a post. Now, HTML no longer works. <strong><h1>BOO!</h1></strong>


Or if I type it in a text editor, it does work!


Anybody Still Around?

With the help of A Certain Brother (DAVID!!), I’m posting something today. It’s been quite awhile, but with my newly-acquired skillz, I’m hoping to get some practice and dish out the HTML/CSS/Javascript around this place. We’ll see.


Also, I’m feeling the weight of having children old enough to write their own stories and probably don’t want me blabbing their tales to the world. The other side of that is that their stories are also my stories. Such a tension! We’ll have to see what this website’s evolution brings and if I have what it takes to go the distance. Stay tuned! Also, if you are reading this, please comment if you can so I know who’s present and accounted for. Thanks!


I’ll leave you with how I’ve felt at various times while sitting in my Javascript class:


So deep.

Happy Spring!

I think this page needs a little freshening up, if you don’t mind.


While at Grandpop and Ms. Kevin’s house for Easter dinner, we played a lively game of “Hide The Plastic Easter Eggs”. Here is one of the best hiding places in the backyard:

See the yellow egg perched on the front porch?   (I promise you that there actually IS a yellow egg on that front porch.) You’ll be glad to know that it was found and that nothing hatched from it.

Happy Spring!

It’s That Time of Year!!

The tree is up.  And that, my friends, is news of astounding proportions.

smaller size xmas tree

The Christmas parties are in full-swing, the presents are bought (not really), and the ham is in the oven (I wish).

In any case, may you have a blessed Advent and Christmas season!

PS-I took this picture (last year).  Do you like it?


Before a big storm at sunset


Sorry, Pop, but the kids couldn’t deal with the snake pictures any longer.  I had to post something else.  I went straight to my pictures and posted the first one I saw.

We’re Seeing Blue

Guess what time it is for all card-carrying Texans?

Here’s a hint:


Yep.  And it hasn’t even snowed yet!  Better hurry and get your pictures taken now before they’re all gone!

Happy Birthday, Markie!

Yesterday was Mark’s birthday.  No, I did not miss it.  Or forget.  I am having internet issues.  But let’s not talk about those.  Instead, let’s all wish Mark a very happy birthday!
Here he is in his little worker cave:


Happy Birthday, Mark!

Lydia’s 7th Birthday

November 10th was remembered in Real Life, but somehow remiss online.  Ah well.  I’m not even going to worry about it.

Here is Lydia:


In lieu of a birthday party, she chose to go with the family to the zoo.  Here we are admitting her.  Oh, I kid!

We had a great time, as you can see by the look on her face.  And we successfully made it home with all 3 children.  I am sure that you are glad.

Many more happy birthdays, Lydia!