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Leif Rides the DART (aka “Dark Train”)

In celebration of his Grandpop’s special birthday, Leif visited Big D this spring and got to ride the “Dark Train” (aka DART) to downtown. The journey, recorded using his Grandpop’s new HD camera can be found here. (Be sure and select either 720p or 1020p to get the full HD effect). Enjoy the ride on the red line to Union Station.

Leif on DART

First Grade Soccer

I’ve always been amazed at the popularity of a professional sports game in which the most vital organ of the human body can be used to score points, and said organ is not protected by a helmet.  Furthermore, the usual game ends tied 0 to 0. Borinnnnng!   But 1st grade soccer is a whole other thing.  First of all, one doesn’t typically see head shots–although I suppose it’s possible.  And there is much excitement and action with typical combined scores of the two opposing teams often in the double digits.   The video here demonstrates my point as grandson Luke sweeps in unexpectedly to score a dramatic goal.   Never mind that with my eye stuck in the view finder that I couldn’t actually tell it was him until afterward.   Viewers of this page can anticipate many more soccer action shots as the season continues.  Alas, today’s games were suspended because of the rain.

FC Tiger Number 2
FC Tiger Number 2

Celebrating Angie’s Birth: The OU Turnaround

Angie Painting Blog
As Sue has previously observed on this blog one year ago, our Angie was born during the OU-Texas game on Oct. 9, 1971. In an obvious cause-effect relationship, her coming into the world heralded a major turnaround for OU’s wishbone offense. Read all about it here [Scroll down and view the video after a brief commercial.]

Happy Birthday, “Turnaround Girl”!!

Shot of the Day:Nerodia rhombifera

Ah, the joys of living near a creek.   As we were returning from inspecting our almost-in-bloom hydrangeas down near the creek, we almost stepped on a nerodia rhombifera aka diamond-back water snake creeping along our porch apparently wanting to come in and eat Callie’s food, or perhaps Callie herself!   Here is the shot of this non-poisonous water snake.

diamond-back-water-snake-1.JPG Here’s another view as he attempted to find his way in:

diamond-back-water-snake-2.JPG Kevin was not favorably inclined to keeping him as a pet, so I picked him up with my mini-rake and carefully took him back toward the creek.  He was a bit aggressive, hissing and opening his mouth consistent with the Wikipedia article on this species.   I laid him out on the patio in order to take one more shot, but by the time I got back, he was crawling under the asian jasmine and became completely camouflaged.   Watch out for him, Callie!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Brought to you by your friendly Irish ancestors: the O’Flannerys and the O’McDaniels–with a Go raibh maith agaibh (“Thank you” in Irish) to Megan & Shari for the keen headgear!