Angie, reporting for duty…

So here we are on yet another new and improved piece of electronic jizz-jazz. Not bad. The template on which I am typing this post is blue (my favorite color, no less) and the various knick-knack buttons seem user-friendly enough. No sir, not bad at all.I have no pictures of anything exciting. We have nothing new to report. Status quo, and all that…..Carry on!(Kudos to my talented and ingenuitive bros-in-law who keep this–and my own little–corner nicely swept. Thanks, guys!)

This is only a test….

The other webmaster reconfigured DishNet to allow blogging apparently in addition to our individual blogs. Is that correct? I’m giving it a try.

I’m going to try a pic also. Here’s the “talking car” that we acquired yesterday:

2007 Avalon

A New Direction?

PeterThe DishNet site has been dormant for months, so I thought I would turn it into a collaborative family blog and open it up for posting from any of the various Dishes. What say ye, fellow members of the clan?