Lydia’s 7th Birthday

November 10th was remembered in Real Life, but somehow remiss online.  Ah well.  I’m not even going to worry about it.

Here is Lydia:


In lieu of a birthday party, she chose to go with the family to the zoo.  Here we are admitting her.  Oh, I kid!

We had a great time, as you can see by the look on her face.  And we successfully made it home with all 3 children.  I am sure that you are glad.

Many more happy birthdays, Lydia!

Happy Birthday Angie!

Seems like this is the season for Dishman birthdays.   Here is today’s birthday girl with her new SLR.  She is vying with David as the fam photog.

Oh yes, that is Mexico City behind her as seen from the top deck of the Turibus last Christmas.  Ole!


Fireworks, A Bit Tardy

On the evening of Independence Day, my adventurous father-in-law and I rode our bikes to a nearby fireworks display, just the two of us.  Oh, how he impressed me!  His bicycling prowess was spectacular!  Weaving in and out of the mighty throngs of at least a ba-jillion people all there to watch the magic.  After the show, we rode back to his house in complete and utter darkness, save for a couple of teensy-tiny, itty-bitty clip-on lights (one for him, one for me).  It was a great experience, especially when, at a particularly dark point in the excursion, John said to me, “This is the exact spot last time that I saw a real, live coyote and I heard his pack in the bushes”.  You’ll be glad to know I did not scream.  Possibly because I had already passed out.  Anyway, on to the pictures…
Exhibit A (not the actual light, I stole this image from someone’s webpage and if I remembered where I got it from, I would duly note it here.  Actual size, approximately 3 inches tall):


Exhibit B–Grandpop.  (This is the actual photo of him taken by me at the actual fireworks display.):


Exhibit C, D, and E (actual fireworks):


(I like this particular shot above because it looks like something underwater…jellyfish, maybe?)


Grand Finale #1



Grand Finale #2.  (Truly, there are at least 45 fireworks pictures alone that did not “make” this posting.)
Not bad, eh?  Camera knowledge, like most things, is a process.  I’m learning!